2021 was a good year for vegans!

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December 31, 2021

2021 is ending tonight and it wasn’t an easy year by any account, but many great things did happen! We're here to remind you of the good things that happened in the vegan world this year, and also ask you: what’s the thing that made you smile the most? So let’s remember together, the best vegan news of 2021:

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The best vegan news for 2021
  1. NYC’s Top Restaurant, “Eleven Madison Park'', went Plant-Based. It’s not every day or even every year that one of the most iconic and well-known restaurants in the world, one that holds three Michelin stars, decides to go entirely vegan (with the exception of offering milk and honey for guests to use in their coffee). But that wasn’t the only great thing NYC did this year! It also got its first vegan mayor!
  2. The Met Gala went totally vegan for the first time ever. One of the most talked about events of the year, hosted by Vogue magazine and attended by top celebrities, went completely vegan for the first time in its long history. 
  3. More and more fast-food restaurants added amazing vegan options to their menus. This was the year when all of the biggest names in the fast-food industry finally realized they needed to step up their game, and they did! Panda Express started selling a much anticipated vegan version of their popular orange chicken, McDonald's finally rolled out their McPlant burger, the impossible chicken nuggets started popping up pretty much everywhere, and that’s only a very partial list! We’re being spoiled! 
  4. Gordon Ramsey stopped being a hater. This year we got the final proof that the famous chef, formerly notorious for his bad relationship with the vegan community, pulled a complete 180 when he became a representative of a plant-based milk company. He also published some vegan recipes and welcomed a vegan contestant on his show, thus teaching us all that it’s never really too late to change. 
  5. Hershey’s started selling vegan chocolate for the first time ever. Some people were waiting for years, but this year it finally happened: the giant chocolate manufacturer decided to give vegan chocolate a chance, and it wasn’t even the only huge name to do so! Lindt and Cadbury released new plant-based bars and Ritter Sport announced it will soon. Hell, we even got a vegan KitKat!  
  6. Billie Eilish made Oscar De la Renta stop selling fur and collaborated with Nike to make vegan Air Jordans. What more can we say about the American singer-songwriter and her contribution to the vegan cause? Well, we had so much to say that we dedicated an entire post to her. Billie Eilish just never ceases to amaze us and we can’t wait to see what she’s going to do next. 

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