What is simple happy kitchen?

The Simple Happy Kitchen project was created by Miki Mottes, an illustrator and entrepreneur who loves all animals, and who is passionate about both vegan food and design! He uses his design and illustration skills to promote values he believes in.

Simple Happy Kitchen Logo

He started the Simple Happy Kitchen project as a way to promote veganism by producing an illustrated book that takes boring graphs, tables and textual information, and turns it into visuals that make this subject fun and easy to understand, using reliable sources.

Some characters of Simple Happy Kitchen, standing

To make the book and find out what information people are looking for, we ran it as a Kickstarter fund raising project, so we could actually ask the backers for their wants and needs. In addition to the book, we created a variety of rewards for the backers, like plush toys, prints, stickers and reusable bags, all based on the characters illustrated for the book.
It funded more than 1000% within weeks and was a huge success!

Kickstarter campaign of Simple Happy Kitchen

As the book was being written, illustrated, and printed, we started working on an online shop and collaborations with organizations, animal sanctuaries, and charities, so we could spread the word and reach as many people as possible.

Today, as a team, we continue developing designed products related to the vegan world. The products and materials we produce help people all over the world to become familiar with the vegan concept and make a positive change.

Some Merchandise from the Simple Happy Kitchen shop

The book has also been published in Turkish, Polish, and Hebrew, and more languages are on their way. We've translated our useful vegan sources prints into a bunch of languages by volunteers.

Posters of Iron, Calcium, Protein - Vegan sources, in many languages

Simple Happy Kitchen has an active social media community with followers from all over the world, where we post useful illustrated updates and news about plant-based nutrition, animal welfare, and ecology. Follow Simple Happy Kitchen on Facebook, on Instagram and on Twitter!

Pedro Almondovar in love

It is a pleasure for us to share information about the vegan lifestyle with everyone in a unique way and to hope for a better, more compassionate world for humans and animals!