Finding delicious plant-based food is becoming increasingly easier!

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August 24, 2021

Did you know? Panda Express have recently had, according to them, one of the most successful regional launches in their history when they sold out of their limited edition vegan orange chicken in just two weeks, selling more than 1,300 pounds on the first day alone!

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All kind of vegan foods

In 2019 KFC sold out of their vegan fried chicken in only 5 hours at their Atlanta location, in 2020 KFC in the UK launched a vegan burger at select outposts and sold out within four days, and in Canada it took only 6 hours for the brand new Plant-Based Fried Chicken Sandwich and Popcorn Chicken to sell out

These cases aren’t coincidental: In the US alone, Shipments of plant-based proteins grew 60% in April of this year from the same month last year and with increasing customer demand, more and more fast food chains are adding delicious plant-based options to their menus.

Pizza Hut announced earlier this month that they will start serving Beyond Meat pepperoni at 70 of their locations, McDonald's signed a 3 year deal with Beyond just at the beginning of the year, Burger King have been offering Impossible burgers internationally on their menus for a while now and the brand new Beyond chicken tenders can already be found at Dog Haus, Epic Burger, Toppers Pizza, and Fire Wings, among others.

No wonder that the plant-based meat replacements industry is on track to grow from $3.3 billion in 2019 to $13.8 billion by 2027, according to research firm Million Insights, with alternative protein companies raising about $3.1 billion in funding in 2020 alone

With the access to delicious alternatives becoming easier, and the variation wider, it’s now easier than ever to replace meat, dairy and eggs with healthier (all is relative) more sustainable choices, even for you flexitarians (semi-vegetarians) out there!

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