8 plant-based gifts that'll put a smile on your face

By Simple Happy Kitchen news |
March 16, 2023
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1. Blushing Cashew Plushie

This soft cashew plushy is almost too cute to be legal, and it’ll always welcome you with a one-toothed smile! Pro-tip: use it as a travel pillow and you’ll definitely be the most unique person on the airplane. Or at least the person with the most cashew plushies. 

Check out our other plushies as well for some extra smiles. 

2. The ultimate illustrated plant-based guidebook!

Useful information, handy tips, delicious recipes, adorable illustrations – our one-of-a-kind guidebook for the plant-based lifestyle has got it all and so much more! You probably won’t have to look up anything online ever again. Just imagine how much time that’ll save!

A digital version is also available.

3. The plant-based Iron sources magnet

Countless fridges can already testify: this iron sources magnet will make your fridge happier, more informative, and just better in general! Fridges don’t lie!

In case you're not into iron, for some reason, we cover calcium and protein too.

4. The vegan pyramid plate

Echo-friendly, very unique and super handy – what hasn’t been said about our vegan food pyramid plate? We won’t claim it’ll make your food taste better, but we’re pretty sure it’ll make it a lot more fun! 

Simple happy kitchen's food pyramid plate
Photo by our lovely fan @kristinsbrady

5. Almond Milk Enamel Pin

Enamel pins are already fun enough as is, but with this one we might have gone a bit too far! Our very own Pedro Almondovar has decided to let us use his face for this but only if we let him promote his very own milk. Shameless, but cute. Very cute. Too cute!

Not into almonds? That’s okay! We have even more unforgettable enamel pins available!

6. ‘Eat 5 colors a day’ designer Socks 5-pack

Have you ever seen a sock stand in the middle of a farmers market? Well, now you have! Our very own tofu, Christofur, has decided to open this stand as a reminder for everyone that eating fruit and veggies in 5 different colors every day is super healthy for you!

7. The “Vegan For…” Poster

Being vegan is awesome, but sometimes we all need a good reminder of just how awesome it is! This poster will do exactly that. Get it for your home, office, or as a gift for a vegan person you love!

8. Simple Happy Reusable Shopping Bag

This shopping bag will not only help you help the earth, it’ll also turn you into the coolest shopper in any store, guaranteed! It’s also foldable, durable and adorable. What else can anyone ask for?

If you made it all the way down here, we’d love to treat you to our FREE downloadable plant-based sources posters! You can get them for free in 15 languages, plus, we’ll keep you updated about sales, new products and other cool stuff we’re up to!

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