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Take a journey with our illustrated veggie characters through the wonderful world of vegan nutrition, taking the first steps towards a better, healthier, nutrient-filled, compassionate lifestyle.

The book takes boring, hard to understand research, that can sometimes feel overwhelming, and breaks it down using cheerful visuals, making it a fun vegan guide. Whether you’re just curious, want to transition to this lifestyle, or are already there and just want to know more, this book is made for you.

Despite being funny and illustrated, the information in the book is completely clinical, backed by research, and has full references. Simple Happy Kitchen appeals to adults as well as children.

Simple Happy Kitchen keeps growing worldwide, and is already available in English, Polish, Turkish, and Hebrew.

"An adorable guide to plant-based living that's appropriate for children and adults alike."
"The absolutely adorable illustrations and amazingly detailed information this book is jammed-packed with makes it a highly informative and entertaining read! Perfect book for parents with a great kids' section, too!"
"Part cookbook, part nutritional guide, part entertaining read, Simple Happy Kitchen is an illustrated how-to for veganism and a plant-based diet. Starring Pedro Almondovar, a likeable roasted almond, this colorful, easy-to-read volume will help guide you through your transition to veg eating in the most adorable way."
"I would highly recommend you check out Simple Happy Kitchen if you have questions about this eating lifestyle.  It's a great resource and while you might think it's only for children because it has pictures throughout, I can promise you that you will learn valuable information and come to love Pedro Almondovar and all his friendly wisdom!"
"Simple Happy Kitchen: An Illustrated Guide for Your Plant-Based Life is not only a great resource to have on hand for information, reminders, tips and recipes, but can also be a great gift for anyone in your life interested or new to veganism-especially with a bunch of the adorable and useful accessories!"
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where do vegans get THEIR protein, iron and calcium?

Using the following charts for vegan Protein, Iron and Calcium Sources, you can easily meet all of your nutritional needs on a plant-based diet.

A well-planned vegan diet is rich in vitamins, minerals, good fats, fiber and a healthy intake of proteins and carbohydrates. This powerful diet offers numerous health benefits including lowered risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

Download & print our free vegan sources prints and start planning your healthy menu!

3 free printable posters in English of Protein, Iron, Calcium vegan ideas
learn where vegans
get protein, iron & calcium

Vegan Egg Substitutes?

New to veganism? Worried about giving up your favorite desserts? Don’t panic. You don’t need eggs to make delicious recipes. Eggs are used for binding, moisturizing and thickening. Many vegan ingredients easily perform these tasks.

Use our simple guide to enjoy baking and cooking without eggs!

FIND Egg Substitutes
in Cooking and Baking
Some egg alternativesA chicken magician

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The Food Pyramid for a healthy vegan diet

Our vegan plate guide is a helpful resource for those just starting the vegan lifestyle. Based on 5 food groups, it’s the perfect diet planning aid. Actually, it's our vegan alternative to USDA MyPlate.

Want to know what vegans eat? Vegan newbies will gain a greater understanding of the nutritional aspects of the diet and learn what is needed to maintain this healthy lifestyle.

The information now available makes the transition to a healthier diet easier than ever. You’ll discover that becoming a vegan and achieving an overall improvement to your health is easy – and delicious!

Explore the vegan diet plateFive groups of vegan foods
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9 Superfoods You Should Really Eat and probably Already Do!

Though they aren’t legally or medically defined, “superfoods” are nutrient powerhouses that deliver mega-doses of antioxidants, vitamins, polyphenols and minerals. Eating them offers multiple health benefits. Consumers of superfoods are healthier and thinner, and eating these powerhouses may reduce your risk of chronic disease and prolong your life.

Learn about common plant-based superfoods and their health benefits from our superfoods guide.

Find your BEST superfoods
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Take action against climate change by going vegan

How do humans affect the environment? Eliminating meat, dairy and eggs from our diet could prevent several million deaths by 2050. It could cut global-warming emissions significantly and save billions in annual healthcare cos.

How can we fight climate change?
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