The food pyramid for vegans Plate

For the healthiest vegan meal plan

Use this quick and easy-to-understand new food pyramid plate guide to build your daily nutrition plan. Make sure your diet consists of all these vegan ingredients below, and remember: the more random ingredients you use, the more varied your meals will be. Healthy and fun!

Use the plate's 5 food groups to plan delicious vegan daily meals

Grains & Starch Vegetables

Vegan food group - starchy vegetables and grains

5+ Servings

Get your vitamins, dietary fiber, and minerals.

Beans & Lentils

Vegan food group - legumes

3+ Servings

Enjoy a hearty dose of protein and a great source of iron.


Vegan food group - vegetables

4+ Servings

These are pretty much the healthiest foods on the planet.

Seeds & Nuts

Vegan food group - nuts and seeds

1-2 Servings

Boost your immune system and get a great supply of protein & iron.


Vegan food group - Vegetables

2+ Servings

You’ll stay hydrated, have the fiber, potassium and antioxidants your body needs.

Have A Real Vegan Food Pyramid Plate!

Made from high-standard sustainable ecological bamboo fiber and dishwasher safe, it's the perfect plate for the whole family! Each part of the plate shows a major food group, making it easy for you to build a healthy meal. A great food pyramid plate for vegans that replaces the non-vegan USDA's Choose MyPlate with happy colorful illustrated characters.

A divided plate for vegansBUY the Vegan Food Pyramid Plate