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Why Is Almond Milk Better Than Cow’s Milk?

People are becoming aware that cow’s milk is not that healthy. They are also learning that the image of happy cows strolling on a grassy knoll is a far cry from the real suffering cows endure on dairy farms.

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Fortunately, there are several types of plant-based milks now available at your local supermarket! One of them is Almond Milk.

Below are some of the reason why almond milk is much better for you, for the animals and for the environment.

All supermarkets now stock a huge variety of dairy-free products, and the selection continues to grow. It has never been easier to make the switch!

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One thought on “Why Is Almond Milk Better Than Cow’s Milk?”

  1. Growing almonds uses far too much water. By increasing almond production to cater for the increased demand by consumers wanting a dairy alternative, water use has increased to unsustainable levels. Almond farms are not in the same location as dairy farms, so it isn’t a simple swap of land use.

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