The people who give stray cats a voice

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August 15, 2022
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Pedro almondovar interviewing a couple of adorable cats

Voice4Cats is a non-profit organization, dedicated to the many stray cats who live the streets of Israel, and to supporting the people who are trying to help them. “The organization was born out of our will to help private people who are trying to help stray cats and run into emergencies involving stray cats, and many times lack the technical or monetary resources to do so on their own”, told us Smadar Raviv, the head of the foundation. 

“There are only a handful of us who are actual members of the organization, but we have a network of volunteers and activists all over the country who do whatever they can to help. We all have our own families, and we volunteer out of our private homes while also working full time jobs, but the organization is keeping us busy 24/7 because there is a constant stream of requests for help. We all see it as our life's mission.”

a bunch of cute cats who were rescued by Voice4Cats
Some of the sweet felines rescued by the amazing Voice4Cats people

There are happy moments too

We asked Smadar to tell us about one specific memorable rescue story. “We once saved a cat named Sunny who got run over by a car and lost his ability to use both of his rear legs. Sunny was wild and had a hard time to adjust, but slowly learned how to walk using only his front legs. We never even tried giving him up for adoption because we thought no one would want to adopt a cat like that, but one day an amazing woman came to us searching for a cat and immediately fell in love with Sunny, despite his anxiety issues and his disability. 

Today sunny is a happy, playful cat who can reach just about any spot, no matter how high or difficult. He's proof that there is no such thing as a “lost cause” and every cat is worth fighting for.”

Happy moments of cute cats
Sunny in his new home and hanging out with his new friends

Don’t ignore them, you’re all they have

“The one thing I’d like to ask of people, if I could, is to be mindful of stray cats. Leave water for them during the hot days and shelter for them during the cold days, and most importantly - don’t ignore them. If you happen to come across a sick or an injured cat, don’t look the other way. All they have is our compassion. It’s the least we can do.”

 Smadar Raviv, the head of voice for cats
Smadar hanging out with some cute friends

Voice4Cats is just one out of 143 amazing animal shelters and sanctuaries we donated to recently as part of the Betty White Challenge, they are tiny but were tagged no less than 100 times! If you wish to see what other animal shelters received donations so far, the full list can be found here.

If you wish to help Smadar and the amazing people who have been giving a Voice4Cats completely voluntarily, here is their Paypal. Check out their Facebook to stay updated and show your support. 

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