Big name celebrities just won’t stop investing in vegan companies!

By Simple Happy Kitchen news |
September 7, 2021

The list of celebrities who’ve decided to invest their money in vegan companies keeps getting longer! Just last week it was revealed that Jay-Z helped the vegan cheese brand Misha’s Kind Foods raise $3 million during the company's seed investment round. The legendary American rapper has a long list of vegan investments under his name, including the oat milk company Oatly, the cookie company Partake, the meat substitute company Impossible Foods and SIMULATE, the company that developed the vegan chicken brand NUGGS. 

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a celebrity califlower investing in a vegan burger

Other big names backing the vegan industry include Meghan Markle (Clevr Blends), Rhianna (Partake again), Drake (Daring Foods), Katy Perry, Serena Williams and Jaden Smith (Impossible Foods), Leonardo DiCaprio (Califia Farms, HIPPEAS and Beyond Meat), Robert Downey Jr. (Atlast, Nobell Foods),  Lewis Hamilton and Questlove (NotCo), Post Malone (Actual Veggies), Chris Paul (Koia) and the list continues to grow every week! 

Our point is, well, we don’t really have a point! We just enjoy looking at this list of famous people who are actively trying to improve life on earth, and we wanted to share this sentiment with you. Yes, sometimes name-dropping can be a good thing!

There's even a vegan Gordon Ramsay now!

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