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Focus On Dietary Fiber

Dietary fiber is defined as nondigestible carbohydrates found only in plants. It offers multiple benefits for the body.

Trials and studies conducted over nearly four decades reveal the huge potential health benefits of consuming at least 25g to 29g or more of dietary fiber a day!

Benefits of Dietary Fiber

Researchers behind the study included 185 observational studies containing data that relate to 135 million person-years and 58 clinical trials involving 4,635 adult participants.

According to the study, eating at least 25g to 29g or more dietary fiber a day can lead to a 30% decrease in all-cause and cardiovascular-related mortality, comparing those who eat the most to those who eat the least.

Eating fiber-rich foods also reduced the incidence of coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and colorectal cancer by 16-24%.

Only 5% of the population meets this standard. On average, Americans only consume 17 g/day.

Fiber can’t be broken down and absorbed by your digestive system but that’s why it holds many benefits to your body.

Dietary fiber increases fecal bulk, which increases stool frequency and decreases transit time. This reduces the colon’s exposure to cancerous compounds found in your feces.

All dietary fiber sources are vegan. Where can you find them?

Lentils, Black beans, Lima beans, Broccoli, Fig, Sweet potato, Brussel sprout, Bulgur, Apple, Banana, Bell pepper, Quinoa, Oats, Whole wheat bread, Carrot, Tofu and in almost any vegan foods!

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