We are hiring - VP Marketing (Remote)

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August 27, 2022

Join us!

We’re looking for a passionate, data-driven and creative VP Marketing, to join us and lead our effort in making sure we deliver our message & products to as many people as possible worldwide.

Simple Happy Kitchen makes vegan lifestyle and plant-based nutrition accessible for everyone in a fun, easy-to-understand way. We use creativity, illustrations, humor, and everyday-language to help people improve their lives, whether their passion is around animal rights, the environment, or personal health.

We already have an extremely large community we’re proud of, and a growing suite of digital and physical products – and that’s just the beginning. We’re so excited about what’s coming up!

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Almond hiring vp marketing

Areas of Responsibilities

• Planning and executing our sales, marketing and growth strategy – online and offline – including ads, newsletters, collaborations, influencers, online shops/assets, SEO, and more.

• Setting and reaching our sales, exposure, and brand awareness goals.

• Managing and working with the relevant service providers and suppliers.

• Initiating & promoting collaborations with companies, including licensing.

• Initiating & promoting B2B strategies such as loyalty programs, working with HR/Benefits managers, shops, etc., including relevant logistics.

The Must Haves

• 4+ years of planning, executing, and analyzing B2C and B2B strategies & results.

• Deep knowledge and proven experience in the retail world, with real-life numbers that show your experience.

• Experience with eCommerce sites, optimizations, best practices, and creative ideas to improve sales, including tracking and improving results.

• Analytical skills. You must be data-driven and be able to analyze your own results, come up with reports, and know where and how to get your numbers from.

The ideal candidate

• A hands-on professional with an entrepreneurial spirit.

• Is data-driven and can analyze funnels/results/data, not afraid of trial and error, responsible, and constantly looking at current results in search for ways to improve every single day.

• Communicative and collaborative, able to work remotely with people around the world.

• A fun, outgoing, casual personality, humble and not ego driven.

• Animals lover – a huge, huge plus 🐮

Great work condition and competitive compensation.

If you have a desire to do something good for the world – this is for you.
If your CV proves your abilities, email it to
careers@simplehappykitchen.com and let’s talk!

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