USDA report: "Plant-based milk sales are contributing to the decline of dairy"

By Simple Happy Kitchen news |
February 10, 2021

Plant-based milk sales are negatively affecting sales of cow’s milk, according to the report. It is estimated that every gallon of vegan milk brought into a household replaces 1 gallon of cow's milk, a one-to-one replacement rate.

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Information about dairy sales decline

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The report doesn’t claim that vegan milk companies act as the main driver to this decline, but that doesn’t shorten its impact: The report shows that Americans have opened up to the possibility of plant-based alternatives in their diets. It is a great sign for plant milk companies, and also reflects a greater industry trend with the climbing acceptance of plant-based diets and options.

The report was done by the Economic Research Service (ERS) in tandem with the USDA to determine the direct impact of plant-based milk on the milk market. From 2013 to 2017, the ERS followed the sales of dairy milk and plant milk to find the exact relationship between the two industries.

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