Scared of going vegan? This is for you

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October 31, 2021

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In the spirit of today’s holiday we wanted to ask: are you scared of veganism? If you, like many others, are considering making the transition to a plant-based diet but find the whole thing to be, well, a little spooky - this is for you! We've gathered some of people’s biggest fears in becoming vegan and we are here to refute them all one by one! So here goes:

Plant-based nutrition will make me weak and sick! 

While it is true that an unbalanced and unsupervised vegan diet can lead to B12 and iron deficiencies, it is also true that avoiding these deficiencies is extremely easy these days (by taking supplements and eating healthier), and that every type of diet could be dangerous if you don’t pay enough attention to what you’re eating. Not only that, a well balanced vegan diet can even reduce the risk of certain health conditions, including ischemic heart disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, certain types of cancer and obesity. To us, that sounds like the opposite of weak and sick!

But giving up on chocolate, pizza and hamburgers? No way! 

Who said you’ll have to give those up? It’s 2021! Look around, and you’ll see vegan versions of pretty much anything! More and more vegan options pop-up every single day all over the world, and we’re not even speaking about lab-grown meat and dairy products that are currently all the rage and are predicted to be the future of a more sustainable, eco-friendly agriculture industry. No wonder huge names like Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio, Serena Williams, Katy Perry and Jay-Z have already invested in vegan food related companies!

Going vegan is too expensive! 

Well, actually, basic vegan products are cheaper than meat, fish and dairy. It can get expensive if you eat outside a lot or buy loads of processed products, but if you keep it simple (and healthy) then there’s no reason a plant-based grocery list will be more expensive than an omnivore one.

If I go vegan I’ll probably starve 

Every big change takes some getting used to, and veganism is no different! While it’s true that vegan cooking requires a bit more creativity at times, we can’t stress enough just how many options and variety the vegan cuisine can offer! The internet is packed with vegan recipes of any possible type, and even if you’re not into cooking, pretty much every fast food restaurant in the world has already added some vegan options to their menus. So even if you go vegan, finding your next lunch shouldn’t really be much of a challenge.

Going vegan will make people hate me

Going vegan will make people hate me 

Biases and stereotypical ideas towards vegans do exist, but not at a huge scale and probably not in a way that will cause you discomfort in daily life. What we are trying to say is, that from our experience, you might have to deal with the occasional joke here and there, but being vegan definitely won’t make people hate you. They might ask questions, they might try and challenge your decision, but they definitely won’t just start hating you because you decided to remove meat, fish, eggs and dairy from your menu! And if they do? Well, that just says a lot more about them than it does about you. 

We understand, making such a big decision can be scary, but there are so many who have done it before you and have survived to tell you that it’s not so bad, or difficult, it’s actually kinda simple and the benefits to you, the animals and the environment are so vast, that your only regret will probably be not doing it earlier!

Still on the fence? Not sure you can do it yet? What if you had all of the information you’ll ever need about maintaining a plant-based lifestyle in one colorful, fun book?
That book exists! We know, because we wrote it :) You’re more than welcome to check it out here.

Already vegan? Share this post with people who are still too scared to take that step towards a better, healthier, eco-friendlier lifestyle. 

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