Merry vegan Christmas!

By Simple Happy Kitchen news |
December 24, 2021

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the simple happy bunch wrapped in gift wraps for christams

Happy holidays and a merry Christmas to all of you, the Simple Happy Kitchen family! We’re hoping you’re warm and cosy and surrounded by delicious vegan food! Okay, maybe some family and friends as well. But mainly loads of delicious food!

On this merry occasion we wanted to tell you that according to a survey conducted by vegan egg company Eat Just, Inc., 71% of millennials in the US are planning on eating vegan food for Christmas this year, and according to a different survey conducted by The Vegan Society, 1 out of every 5 Brits will be enjoying a vegan dish as part of their Christmas dinner this year! 

So we hope these numbers can bring even more joy into your holiday, they sure did make us smile.

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