Vegan food deliveries went up by 105% in the past year, says Deliveroo

By Simple Happy Kitchen news |
November 16, 2021

If you needed any further proof that veganism is taking over the UK, it came recently from the biggest UK food delivery service Deliveroo, who revealed that vegan food deliveries went up by no less than 105% in the past year alone.

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Deliveroo now lists more than 14,000 vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants across the UK, but interestingly the city with the most vegan orders is not London (as one might expect) but Brighton, followed by Bristol, Leeds, York, Manchester, Liverpool, Norwich, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Sheffield and only then London. 

Deliveroo delivered (we’re sorry) some more exciting news regarding veganism: Out of 2000 customers who were surveyed, a whopping 20% said they plan to have a vegan/vegetarian meal for Christmas eve. Pretty mind blowing if you ask us!

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