Elle magazine bans fur from all of its 45 worldwide editions

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December 14, 2021

Fur is so out. If you needed any further (pun intended) proof it came recently with the decision of Elle, one of the biggest fashion magazines worldwide, to ban all publications of fur, including in both editorial and advertising across all of its online and print editions. 

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an almond celebrating elle magazine's decision to ban fur

Starting now, 13 of the magazine's worldwide editions will be fur free, with the rest (45 in total) joining in the next couple of years. When a magazine as big as Elle decides to ditch fur, you know there’s a global trend going on. Fur is outdated and consumers are realizing it’s cruel and unsustainable. Big fashion houses (such as Saint Laurent and Oscar de la Renta, thanks to Billie Eilish) have also announced recently that they will be going fur free.

We really hope that with this, Elle has paved the way for more fashion magazines and designers to ban fur and maybe, who knows, even other animal-products that have been in use for fashion purposes for way too long (yes, leather, we are looking at you).

Wondering how to recognize vegan shoes? Check the labels! Did you know that cosmetic animal testing has been banned in Australia?

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