World vegan day 2021

By Simple Happy Kitchen news |
November 1, 2021

Happy world vegan day everyone! For today we thought we would just take a look at how far we’ve come as a global movement in recent years and maybe try to peek into the future of veganism as well. So according to some estimates, 2% of the world’s population was vegan by the end of 2019. Some estimates say that it will be 3% by the end of 2021. Either way, there’s not enough accurate information to be certain, but one thing is for sure: when you look at the accelerated rate in which our community has been growing the past few years, you realize we’re definitely in the right direction.

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V shape made out of fruits and vegetables to celebrate world vegan day

The number of vegans in the U.S. grew from 4 million in 2014 to 20 million in 2018,  that’s 600%! Italy’s vegan population grew between 2011 and 2016 by 94.4%. The number of vegans in the U.K. has quadrupled over the last five years. If the movement maintains the current rate of growth over the next ten years, at least 1 in 10 people will be vegan.

The plant-based food market is also proving that things are changing for the best. According to a report by Bloomberg Intelligence, global retail sales of plant-based food alternatives may reach $162 billion by 2030 - up from $29.4 billion in 2020, with the two largest categories being milk and meat substitutes. All of these things make us realize time and time again that veganism is here to stay and grow, and it’s here to make the world a better place.

And to you, our vegan friends, we just wanted to say: You are awesome! Keep doing what you do, because simply existing in this world as a vegan person has an impact. We love you and appreciate you! Let's continue this optimistic journey, even if sometimes it seems so difficult and hopeless, it’s not. It’s very important and full of hope.

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