Today is World Tofu Day! And you’re all getting a 15% discount!

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July 26, 2022

First of all, happy tofu day! Tofu is one of our favorite things. It contains all the essential amino acids needed to make it one of the highest-quality plant-based protein sources out there, it’s easily available in most of the world, it’s delicious (if you know what to do with it) and it’s very handsome! We mean, look at this mustache!

So which tofu is the best?

They say you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at their tofu preferences. Okay…They don’t say that. But! We’d still like to know: Which type of tofu do you prefer? Soft or firm? Or maybe some other one we didn’t mention here? (there’s A LOT of them). 

Feel free to tell us in the comments and explain why your preferred tofu is the best tofu! We wanna know, because we take tofu very seriously. Where would we even be without it? Can you even imagine a world without tofu? Awful, just awful Sorry, we got a little distracted. The point is, tofu is awesome!

So awesome, that we’ve decided to give y’all a 15% discount on everything in our online store! Feel free to use it for anything, but we recommend getting our tofu socks, it is tofu day after all!

Use the code TOFUDAY during your checkout. The sale will end on July 31st. 

Oh, we almost forgot - here’s a link to our shop!

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Which tofu is better? firm or soft?

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