Chia Seeds are awesome and here’s why you should get some ASAP

By Simple Happy Kitchen news |
October 27, 2021

Today we want to tell you all about chia seeds and why we think you should go and get some RIGHT NOW: Chia seeds are tiny but eating one ounce of them each day would provide 180mg of calcium (about the same as a slice of cheese), 2mg of iron, 1.3mg of zinc and 115mg of potassium? In other words, chia seeds carry a huge amount of nutritional value!

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an almond surprised by the absorption abilities of a chia seed

Just one ounce of chia seeds provides 10 grams of fiber, almost half the daily recommendation for women over 50! A big part of the fiber found in chia is soluble fiber (that’s why it turns into jelly when you add water to it) which is really good for you because it might help lower your cholesterol levels, balance the sugar level in your blood after you eat AND make you feel full for a longer time than usual! 

Thanks to the soluble fiber chia seeds can also absorb up to 10 times their weight in liquid, which can be useful when cooking as it can be used as gelatin or even replace eggs when baking. It’s also excellent for making some overnight pudding! All of the above makes chia seeds a must-have in every kitchen, but is it really getting the love it deserves? We hope we convinced you to give them a chance if you haven’t already.

Pro-tip: Chia seeds can last for 4-5 years without refrigeration! But in order to better preserve all of the omega-3 in it it’s better to keep them in the freezer.

This post was written with the aid of a professional nutritionist.

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