Amazing! The FoodTech industry just won’t stop blowing our minds!

By Simple Happy Kitchen news |
April 1, 2022
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milk coming out of a printed cow

Swedish FoodTech company Dairy3D has just made an unbelievable announcement: They will start commercially manufacturing cow’s milk from artificially produced cows, created by a biological 3D printer!

The company has invented a unique technology, making it possible to culture actual cow cells through a 3D printer. This mind blowing technique is used to produce 100% lab-made living and breathing cows, which can then be used to manufacture actual cow’s milk.

According to the company’s CEO, Lars Hona, the cows are made in a way that excludes the nervous system and the areas in the brain that are in charge of emotion and comprehension, thus making the milk manufactured by them vegan-friendly, with no actual harm done to the animals.

Phase one of the rollout for this game-changing product will only include big commercial companies, while the general public is expected to be able to enjoy it fully by 2025.

So, would you be willing to try this?

Edit: This was, of course, just an April fool's joke :)

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