3 Tablespoons of chickpea flour contain more than 3 times the amount of iron found in one egg!

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November 17, 2021

Is chickpea flour the king of gluten-free flours? Well, we don’t wanna come out with crazy declarations, but yes, it is.

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info about the greatness of chickpea flour

Firstly, it’s packed with nutrition! 3 Tablespoons (about 2 ounces) of chickpea flour packs slightly more folate than half of your daily needs, more than 3 times the amount of iron found in one egg, provides about 6 grams of dietary fiber (which eggs don’t carry any of) and about 13 grams of protein (an egg only contains 7).

Other than the great nutritional benefits and the lack of gluten, chickpea flour also has great binding abilities and has been a staple in various cuisines around the world. You can find it under the names gram flour, garbanzo bean flour, or besan and it has been used in parts of Asia and Europe for centuries. You can make pretty much anything with it, from pancakes to tortillas to vegan omelettes to even pizza dough to...you get it.

Oh and have we mentioned that it’s also yummy? Well it just goes without saying so we didn’t bother. If you don’t already have some chickpea flour waiting at your pantry then hurry up, you’re missing out! ‍

This post was written with the aid of a professional nutritionist.

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